The Coffee Bar (D.C.)

The Coffee Bar is popular, and rightly so. This bustling shop  gives customers a cool atmosphere to hang out in. Unfortunately, they don’t offer wifi on the weekends, but if you’re just going to hang out with a friend it’s a great location.

This chain is located in a few D.C. areas and each has a different vibe. This particular one was a little darker inside due to the dark walls, but had a cute exterior. The kind of cute that Instagramers take photos of. The kind of cute that encouraged people to sit outside despite the nose nipping weather.

Demographic: Mixed.
Instagramability: Strong- Beautiful Exterior.
Coffee Strength: Medium.
Seating: Limited.
Bathroom Availability: Available.
Comfort: Cramped.
Neighborhood: Cute and safe.
Wifi: Only on weekdays.
Good for: Study.

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