Bluestone Lane (D.C.)

Bluestone Lane in Georgetown is pricey, but they have really good coffee. This is a place I’d only suggest to coffee drinkers who are looking to treat themselves.

There’s not a whole lot of room in the shop itself, and it’s a little bit dark; however, the staff is super friendly and it’s always busy.

Bluestone is located in a great area and has a beautiful outside. So, if you’re looking for something to warm your hands as you walk the cozy streets of Georgetown, this is your place!

There are other locations for this store – I just happened to stumble upon the Georgetown one. Check the others out! (The one on 23rd Street in D.C. is cool.)


Demographic: Mixed.
InstagramabilityStrong in the food / area.
Coffee Strength: Great.
Seating: Limited.
Bathroom Availability:
Comfort: Cramped.
Neighborhood: Cute and safe.
Good for: Grab and Go.

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