Here Comes the Sun (CA)

I am writing this a few months after visiting the place in hopes of returning. Here comes the sun was by far one of the most adorable, friendly shops that I’ve ever been in. It rests in Half Moon Bay and is operated by locals, and visited by locals.

I should say that my senses may have been a little off when I visited this place because I’d been on the road with my best friend for a few days (a California road trip) and was feeling a tad sentimental.

The coffee shop is small and perfect for breakfast reading/ journaling. The staff is friendly, and there was a local who sat and sang while we were there. It was a marvelous experience. I recommend this coffee shop to anyone who is passing through because it is the perfect place to catch your breath and remember why you’re doing what you’re doing.


My apologies for the single photo, but some experiences just have to be spoken by word/ writing I suppose.

Demographic: Varied.
Instagramability: Strong (location, location, location).
Coffee Strength: Strong.
Seating: Abundant.
Bathroom Availability: Available.
Comfort: Very comfortable.
Neighborhood: In LOVE.
Good for: Resetting.

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