Kintsugi: Eaton (D.C.)

Kintsugi is an Instagramer’s paradise. It has everything from beautiful drinks served in photogenic mugs to a wall of greenery. The seats are comfortable and chic, there is enough natural light to capture that picture and there is enough space to study. Did I mention that their tumeric latte is my new favorite Sunday afternoon drink?

I want to hate this place because it screams “take photos in me!” But, I just can’t. The drinks are high quality, the food is tasty and nothing is too expensive. The Eaton did a good thing when it let this attached coffee shop have space next to it. It’s good for everything too! Go have a drink with your friend, or make a group project more fun by having it at one of the long tables. You really can’t go wrong here.

Demographic: Young.
Coffee Strength: Great.
Seating: Abundant.
Bathroom Availability: Available in lobby and shop.
Comfort: Very comfortable.
Neighborhood: Cute and safe.
Wifi: Strong
Good for: Studying/Hanging.

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