Baked and Wired (D.C. )

Baked and Wired is a Georgetown staple. If you’re lucky enough to get through the door without a line, give it a shot. The coffee is good and the cupcakes are worth the line.

The bakery area is attached to the coffee shop part, thus why it’s baked – and – wired. I usually try to hit the wired part without the baked, but it’s pretty difficult with those delicious cupcakes watching me betray them for yet another cup of coffee.

There is plenty of seating if you’re there to study on a weekday, and I must say, it’s a pretty awesome spot to hang out and read. There are two different rooms, each with a different amount of lighting and seating.

Here’s the most important thing, if you went to Georgetown for the first time and didn’t stop by Baked and Wired for a cupcake, you didn’t really see Georgetown.

Demographic: Mixed.
Instagramability: Weak (Strong food props).
Coffee Strength: Great.
Seating: Abundant- when not busy on a weekend.
Bathroom Availability:
Comfort: Very comfortable.
Neighborhood: Cute and safe.
Wifi: Strong
Good for: Eating.

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