Old City Coffee (PA)

The line was long, which meant I needed to wait in it. Old City Coffee is located in Reading Terminal Market, surrounded by lots of great food and other cool stuff to see. I strongly recommend the Market, and Old City is a must while you’re there.

The coffee is strong, and the additions to it are even stronger. There is oat milk out to add to your drip (Coffee shops never put that out) and they have housemade vanilla syrup. While it is sweetened, it’s the kind of sweet that is completely worth it. This location may look pricey, but with all the milks they have out, they give customers the opportunity to order a $3 drip and add whatever they want to it (plus a few cents for vanilla syrup.) I was very impressed by this market coffee shop.

There are other locations to check out. This is a company.

Demographic: Variety.
Coffee Strength: Strong.
Seating: In market.
Bathroom Availability: In market.
Comfort: Grab and Go.
Neighborhood: Cool for photos.
Good for: Grabbing to take.

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