La Colombe (CA)

There’s always a spot available in La Colombe. The wooden seating isn’t comfortable for a long time, but it is great for some cozy coffee photos and coffee dates. Be sure to try the Oat Draft Latte in this chain. The oat milk makes the drink perfectly creamy without the dairy. While this isn’t a location to study in, it’s still a must try if you’re looking for coffee in the area.

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Description by Sasha Gharibian: photos obtained from Yelp.


Demographic: Young professionals and trendy Beverly Hill moms.
Instagramability: So-so, it’s aesthetically pleasing.
Coffee Strength: Strong
Seating: Abundant
Bathroom Availability: It’s there.
Comfort: Seating isn’t comfy, but it’s a cozy place in a nice area.
Neighborhood: Safe.
Wifi: No wifi available.
Good for: Dates/Reading.

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