Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee (NY)

Jack’s has a few locations in the New York area. I visited the location inside the Roxy Hotel. The atmosphere was a nice one, created for residents to come down and read the morning paper with an overpriced, healthy coffee. I paid $7 for a small, and would not say it was worth it. The flavor was nice, but nothing I couldn’t get with the right Starbucks barista.

It was great for those who want to feel expensive, drink organic coffee, try new health nut flavors and hang out with older folks on 6th ave. I would suggest it if you’re a seasoned coffee drinker and looking for a way to treat yourself. If not, try a snack from them instead. Those were the delicious part of this place.


Demographic: Older
Instagramability: Poor (Cool place, bad lighting)
Coffee Strength: Strong
Seating: Abundant – For hotel guests.
Bathroom Availability: Lots.
Comfort: Very comfortable.
Neighborhood: Good for photos, fun to explore.
Wifi: Strong.
Good for: Treat/ Eat


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