Solid State Books (D.C.)

Solid State Books is a great space for studying, searching for a new read and meeting new friends. While the bookstore portion of the establishment is a bit overpriced, the coffee is hot and fairly priced. This is one of my favorite places in the city.
Seating is limited here, but with reason. A large table that sits in the front of the store facilitates conversation among guests and a communal work ethic. If you’re a worker who needs company to encourage your flow, this is the place for you! They offer a variety of teas as well, I recommend the Turmeric Ginger.
The warehouse-style serves perfectly for someone who needs a less distracting environment, and the location is welcoming and safe enough to visit when it gets dark.
If you’re a well-seasoned coffee drinker, I would not suggest coming here simply to enjoy a cup. It is brewed early and does not get used enough to continue brewing fresh batches. It’s manageable with milk, and they do offer espresso options; however, those are more expensive.
Demographic: All ages. Parents bring kids to look at books, students ranging from graduate to undergrad come to study and the staff ranges from older to young.
Instagramability: Acceptable. Colors are neutral and it has a very hipster vibe.
Coffee Strength: Medium
Seating: Limited
Bathroom Availability: A few
Comfort: Depends on your comfort with other people.
Neighborhood: Developing, but safe
Wifi: Strong
Good for: Studying/ Book Searching.

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