Le Bon Café (D.C.)

It was as if you were transported to Paris for a few beautiful moments. The staff was gruff, the blue walls were littered with artwork, and the crowded communal tables were covered in delicious food. The lattes are worth a shot, but I would not suggest the coffee alone in this café. The warm goat cheese salad is mouthwatering, and the pumpkin gingerbread is the perfect treat if you’ve been walking Capitol Hill in search of new study spaces.
Weather permitting, the tables outside the little blue paradise offer a safe space to enjoy one’s food and find peace between the world created in the small shop and the bustling Capitol Hill that it is situated on.
Demographic: All ages
Instagramability: High quality! The neighborhood is beautiful and the blue walls make for the perfect color pop.
Coffee Strength: Strong
Seating: Limited due to the size of the establishment.
Bathroom Availability: A single one
Comfort: Crowded.
Neighborhood: Safe.
Wifi: Okay.
Good for: Eating/ Reading the Sunday Paper

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