Jacob’s Coffee House (D.C.)

Jacob’s is an intimate cafe. They claim to have authentic New York bagels, and the quality shows in their breakfast sandwiches. The coffee house is a tad small, and I would not recommend it for studying. It is a popular destination for pickups and the crowding makes it loud.
The cafe smells of breakfast and comfort. It is a wonderful place to spend Sunday morning with your friends or family. Make sure you get there early, as seating is limited and it is obvious that they have regulars who know how to order and find seating easily.
The coffee house itself wasn’t anything spectacular, but it is a great place to refuel after you’ve walked around the beautiful neighborhood that it is situated in. The fall leaves create a golden overhead arch, the houses are decorated, and watching the intimacy of people coming and going in the morning is a refreshing break from the bustling city streets.

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Demographic: 18+ (Kids welcome, but it’s not a young spot)
Instagramability: Not great. The area around it is full of beautiful housing that could work.
Coffee Strength: Strong
Seating: Limited
Bathroom Availability: A single one
Comfort: Crowded.
Neighborhood: Safe.
Wifi: Okay.
Good for: Eating/ Reading the Sunday Paper