Ebenezer’s (D.C.)

Ebenezer’s is my favorite. I like the staff, I like the location, the demographic is great, there’s plenty of space and the coffee is never disappointing.
This coffeehouse is situated on a corner that facilitates great people watching if you’re an early coffee before work person. They play very coffeeshop appropriate music and keep it fairly quiet.
The upstairs section is painted brown, causing the room to feel a little darker and earthy; however, the tables seated at different windows give customers a chance to experience the cozy shop and the bright outside simultaneously.
Their coffee is strong. I never leave feeling dissatisfied. In fact, I usually splurge on a latte because I know I will not be disappointed by it.
Many people don’t know, but Ebenezer’s does have additional seating. The upstairs fills quite quickly, but there’s a whole bottom level that I have never seen completely full. It holds a number of tables for group discussions and bars along the wall for those who want to work alone. It has a very underground feel, probably because it’s underground.


Demographic: Young adults-Older adults. You will see a lot of professionals here.
Instagramability: Acceptable. The lighting isn’t great, but the environment is cool.
Coffee Strength: Strong
Seating: Abundance
Bathroom Availability: A couple
Comfort: Very comfortable.
Neighborhood: Developing, but safe
Wifi: Strong
Good for: Studying/ Relaxing/ Coffee Dates

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